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Stand-Up Comedian & Cartoonist
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Erik Bergstrom is a comedian and cartoonist who has lived in NYC for 17 years. He made his network television debut in 2018 on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' and his Comedy Central Half-Hour can be seen on Comedy Central or streaming on Paramount. He has also appeared on 'Adam Ruins Everything' on TruTV, 'Roast Battle' on Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, and on 'Uproarious' on Fuse. His album 'Serious Goose' is in regular rotation on
Sirius XM and he has appeared as a guest on 
several of their shows. He has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, VICE, Time Out NY, Vulture, The Interrobang, Buzzfeed, and more. His cartoons have appeared in 'The New Yorker' and in his book 'Grimmer Tales', which was published by Plume (an imprint of Penguin Books released in the U.S. and Sweden). He's been a guest on several podcasts and several comedy festivals. 
In 2015, he was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma (the highest achievement of the lymphomas) and underwent chemotherapy leading to remission. Despite his best efforts he still lives like a divorced 3rd grader. 
He can be seen nightly doing clubs and shows in NYC, 
headlining tours across the country, or on his weekly show Live From Outer Space Fridays 9pm at Cobra Club in Brooklyn. See below for show listings.



Comedy Central, Colbert, Acting


Click on the link above to watch my Colbert appearance, or check out my YouTube channel:

Erik Bergstrom Comedy Central

Erik Bergstrom Comedy Central

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